Scientific Officer Climate Observations

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ECMWF is recruiting a Scientific Officer for the ECMWF Programme Department to provide technical support for the work on Essential Climate Variables (ECV) datasets. This is an exciting opportunity to advance the work of ECMWF and the Copernicus Climate Change Service in working at the interface between space data (satellite-based observations) and climate change.  

Over the past few years C3S has developed an ambitious programme of ECV services, providing guaranteed access to long-term data records of ECV products, with comprehensive documentation and related services. ECV production follows the quality assurance procedures set out by the C3S Evaluation and Quality Control (EQC) function, which also conducts independent evaluations of the data.  

The successful candidate will share their activities between the ECV programme and the EQC programme of C3S, liaising between those two functions and work at the interface of technical officers, data providers and EQC evaluators. The main duty will be to coordinate the integration of new ECV datasets in the Climate Data Store (CDS) catalogue, update and maintain existing catalogue entries, including information on quality assurance. They will also play an important interface role with many EU research groups collaborating with C3S, aiming at making ECV datasets useful for many types of users. They will work with both data providers and EQC evaluators to ensure appropriate delivery of EQC information. Proposed tasks include: review of technical and scientific reports; identification and implementation of main recommendations issued by the quality assurance reports; general ECV focal point for technical issues; supporting preparation of communication material on the ECV and EQC programmes with other teams. Due to the dynamic nature of the ECV programme and EQC function, there will be an opportunity for responsibilities to evolve. For instance, acting as Technical Officer for the management of ECV contracts may be an additional role.