Terrascope webinar: Sentinel data supports automatic monitoring of redevelopment sites!

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Organisation: Terrascope

Terrascope just presented a new series of webinars that will take place in the autumn of 2021. Experts in the field will present and demonstrate several different use cases, both research based and operational services, to show you how Earth observation data and services give us the possibility to achieve more.

Access massive amounts of data faster than ever before, combine data and use the latest technology, retrieve clear and objective information for critical decisions or new policies, … The cases are diverse: monitoring water quality, measuring nitrogen dioxide, combining satellite data and artificial intelligence to detect changes, mapping flooded areas, ...

Join us for one or more webinars and discover the great potential of Sentinel satellite data and how Terrascope can make your work easier. In each webinar, we will discuss one single use case, based on these three questions:

  • What was the question that needed an answer?
  • How did Sentinel satellite data help in formulating the answer?
  • What is the impact, now that the answer is provided?

The webinars are presented by the people directly involved in the use case. After the presentation you will be able to ask questions and chat with the experts.

In this webinar by Sophie Petit (ISSeP) you will discover how Sentinel satellite data and EO services, available in Terrascope, were used to develop an online tool to automatically monitor redevelopment sites. The developed methodology has been applied to a multitude of sites spread over the Walloon region in Belgium. Sophie Petit will demonstrate how remote sensing can support urban planning and explain more about:

  • Handling Sentinel data in Terrascope 
  • Implementing a technical workflow for change detection and classification
  • Alternative environment in Terrascope for extensive data
  • Benefits for urban planning and other applications