Use of space infrastructure for Earth observation and planetary research

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Through the programme Use of space infrastructure for Earth observation and planetary research (GO), NWO and the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) aim to support researchers making use of (international) space infrastructure. Researchers can apply for funding for a PhD student or postdoc who is going to work on an Earth observation or planetary research project for which space infrastructure (or the data thereof) is essential.


This funding instrument is intended to support high-quality scientific research that makes substantial use of infrastructure in space. The infrastructure can be both (current or past) existing and planned infrastructure. Within this objective, the GO programme is open for scientific research in the area of Earth observation and planets (and other objects) within our solar system.

Note: there are several differences between the current and the previous GO round. Section 1.1.1 in the Call for proposals summarizes the differences.

For this call, your proposal must fit within the objective of the GO programme. You should therefore consider in good time whether your proposal fits within this objective. If you have any doubts about this, please contact one of the contact persons for the programme well before the deadline. They can advise you regarding the connection of your proposal with this call.

Who can apply

Full, associate and assistant professors and other researchers with a comparable position may submit an application if they have a tenured position (and therefore a paid position for an indefinite period) or a tenure track agreement at one of the organisations that are mentioned in the Call for proposals.

It could be the case that the applicant’s tenure track agreement ends before the intended completion date of the project for which funding is applied for, or that before that date, the applicant’s tenured contract ends due to the applicant reaching retirement age. In that case, the applicant needs to include a statement from their employer that guarantees that the project member for whom funding has been requested will receive adequate supervision for the full duration of the project.

Note: please read the details in the Call for proposals carefully.

What to apply for

A GO grant has a maximum amount of € 320,000. The grant must be used for a single temporary scientific position (a PhD student or postdoc) in combination with material budget of at most €15,000 per year per fte.