13th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy



Organisation: EARSeL

In recent years, the significance of imaging spectroscopy for environmental research and analysis has grown considerably. This progress can be attributed to various factors. 

Firstly, there has been an increase in the availability of airborne imaging spectroscopy data, as well as the development of operational processing chains and robust analysis methods. These advancements have contributed to more accurate and reliable analyses.

Secondly, the emergence of new-generation spaceborne imaging spectrometers, both recently launched scientific precursor missions and upcoming operational ones, offers the potential for obtaining unprecedented levels of environmental information. These missions promise to deliver more accurate, frequent, timely, and large-scale data on the environment. 

Concurrently, there have been rapid advancements in Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles and close-range spectroscopy at more regional and local scales.

Furthermore, the progress in solar-induced fluorescence (SIF) and mid-infrared spectroscopy for environmental applications has further enhanced the relevance of Earth observation through imaging spectroscopy. These new developments have significantly expanded the applications of Earth observation and fostered greater interdisciplinary collaboration within the hyperspectral community.

As a result, the workshop series organized by the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy has attracted an increasingly international and interdisciplinary audience. It has gained recognition as one of the premier conferences on imaging spectroscopy for Earth observation in Europe and worldwide.

We extend a warm invitation to researchers, students, and professionals from Earth and environmental sciences who work with imaging spectroscopy data or engage in field and laboratory spectroscopy. We cordially invite you to attend the 13th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy in Valencia in 2024. The workshop will feature oral and poster sessions centred around various workshop topics, and an after-workshop day is planned to include tutorials and demonstrations.