2nd Cycle Scout Information Day

The Earth Observation (EO) directorate of the European Space Agency (ESA) launched in a new framework to develop scientific missions for Earth Observation exploiting the new space initiative and complementing the well-established series of Earth Explorer research satellites.  With this new family of small satellites, ESA intends to respond to the dynamism of a quickly evolving scientific and technological environment in the Earth Observation sector by reducing the time and cost to deliver demonstrations of novel EO techniques in the Earth sciences, taking advantage of new development methodologies, higher-risk approaches and existing assets. 

Following the strong interest expressed in the Scout framework, and the experience drawn from the first Scout cycle, the Agency intends to initiate a second Scout cycle to ultimately deliver two new Scout missions with high scientific merit. 

The Scouts rely on an agile and flexible approach to timely deliver scientific value. Scout missions are therefore not in-orbit demonstration missions nor commercially driven missions. Scout missions are characterised by a pro-active role of industry and academia, a low-cost approach and a rapid development cycle (3 years from start of implementation to flight acceptance). It is mandatory that Scout missions are based on an observing technique and instrumentation with sufficient scientific and technological maturity to be implemented within the boundary conditions of the Scout programme.  

Scout missions shall have a science focus with some innovation features (e.g. sensing technique, miniaturisation, distribution of functions on various satellites), with the aim of providing incremental science either addressing niche applications on its own right or as complement to other missions (e.g. Earth Explorers, Copernicus Sentinels, Meteorology missions or Earth Watch missions).   

Industrial entities and scientific institutions with a potential interest in the 2nd Cycle of the Scouts are invited to join a one-day Scout Information Day (SiD) on 10th July 2024. The aim of the meeting is:  

To increase awareness of the 2nd Cycle of Scouts prior to the initiation of the System Consolidation Phase.