Doctoral student in Remote sensing of Ecosystem resilience

Subject description

A PhD position in the subject Physical Geography and Ecosystem science is hereby announced at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem sciences, Lund University (LU), Sweden. The research in physical geography and ecosystem science includes studies of the landscape and ecosystems, their resources and transformation through both natural processes and human influences. The study of climate change, climatology, is a significant subject component, as are processes that affect the exchange of mass and energy between ecosystems and the atmosphere. Ecosystem science deals with vegetation dynamics, ecosystem processes and biogeochemistry, among other things. The research is strongly oriented towards interdisciplinary studies of environmental and climate changes both in the local and global perspective. Applications and development of remote sensing-based methods for observing the Earth and analysis of geographic information are significant subject components.

Work duties

The PhD position is funded via the project “Resilient Ecosystems of Sweden: Promoting Sustainability through Continuous Cover Forestry and Wetland Rewetting”. The main aim with this project is to improve our understanding of the impact of forest management and wetland restoration on the ecosystem resilience against extreme weather events in Sweden. In recent decades, our planet has witnessed an increase in extreme weather events, and as these become more frequent and severe, understanding the resilience of ecosystems to withstand and recover from them becomes crucial for effective disaster management and sustainable development. The project has three objectives:

  1. to map the ecosystem resilience to extreme weather events across Sweden using remote sensing techniques.
  2. to study the impact of forest management strategies and wetland restoration projects on the ecosystem resilience, and
  3. to disseminate project results to stakeholders across Sweden.

New knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for Sweden will be generated. Results of the project will contribute to policy recommendations for guiding sustainable land use of boreal and temperate ecosystems.

Instructions on how to apply

Applications shall be written in English and include a cover letter stating the reasons why you are interested in the position and in what way the research project corresponds to your interests and educational background. The application must also contain a CV, degree certificate or equivalent, contact information to at least two references, and other documents you wish to be considered (grade transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Last application date: 10 March 2024

Welcome to apply!