Drones4EO Workshop

A collaborative event aimed at bringing together experts from science, administrations, and private companies in Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. This workshop will be an opportunity for sharing knowledge, discussing the latest technical developments, and exploring the diverse applications of drone-based Earth Observation (EO) across various sectors. 

Drones4EO will cover latest advancements in drone technology (e.g., advanced sensors, artificial intelligence) and novel applications of drone based EO. Through engaging presentations, panel discussions, and practical demonstrations, this workshop will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Applications of drone-based EO in agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, water management, urban planning, construction, and natural disaster monitoring 
  • AI-powered analysis and interpretation of EO data 
  • Advanced sensors and data acquisition techniques 
  • Collaborative initiatives and future prospects for the industry 

This workshop is dedicated to professionals, researchers, decision-makers, and enthusiasts in the fields of remote sensing, geospatial technologies, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, water management, urban planning, construction, and disaster management. Whether you are from a scientific institution, governmental organization, or private company, your expertise and insights will contribute to the vibrant discussions and collaborations at the workshop.