Remote Sensing Scientist - Hyperspectral Infrared Level-2 Products



Organisation: EUMETSAT

Hyperspectral Infrared (HSIR) missions, such as the IASI mission on the Meteosat platforms, have taken a prominent place in the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) community, as well as in the atmospheric chemistry and air quality communities. EUMETSAT is preparing, as part of its new GEO and LEO programmes, two new HSIR missions with more advanced technologies. The performances of the new instruments will not only be beneficial for the communities already identified but will provide additional possibilities for new applications such as for nowcasting, severe storm forecasting, and the retrieval of 3D wind fields.

As a member of the Hyperspectral Infrared Competence Area (HSIR CA) of the Remote Sensing and Products Division (RSP), the Remote Sensing Scientists for Hyperspectral Level-2 Products will contribute to the preparation of the challenging new hyperspectral infrared instruments missions by providing scientific and technical expertise on hyperspectral infrared retrievals techniques. The post-holders will support the missions in-flight commissioning, validation and monitoring of the high-level products. As part of this role, the post-holders will also lead the long-term product definition and evolution process within the HSIR Competence Area.

In general terms, the Remote Sensing and Products (RSP) Division is tasked with providing the scientific expertise required to develop, implement, validate, monitor, maintain and evolve operational products from all EUMETSAT satellites, as well as interacting with the user communities and providing external expertise to similar missions across the world.


The main duties will be as follows:

  • Contribute to the development and operations of Level-2 data processing chains for the IASI, IASI-NG and IRS instruments on-board EUMETSAT satellites, to improve and optimize the operational Hyperspectral IR Level-2 processing across EUMETSAT missions. This includes all aspects related to product generation and quality monitoring (verification, validation, monitoring);
  • Lead the development of monitoring and analysis tools, and their associated documentation, to validate the operational implementations of HSIR Level-2 products across EUMETSAT missions. This includes cooperation with relevant programmatic and operational divisions across EUMETSAT;
  • Lead and/or support the development of new and/or aspirational HSIR Level-2 products, in close cooperation with end-users, downstream services, and scientific communities;
  • Actively interact and cooperate with the operational user community of EUMETSAT satellite products and services, and with international partners;
  • Initiate and lead relevant scientific studies, including the management of external contracts when needed;
  • Support the definition of requirements for the realisation of future satellite products, services and missions;
  • Support reprocessing activities for climate purposes.