User Engagement and Partnership Specialist - CAMS NCP and Emissions Service

ECMWF is seeking to fill an exciting new position as  User Engagement and Partnership Specialist (A2) for supporting the implementation of the CAMS National Collaboration Programmes (NCP) and developing the user engagement for the Emissions Service. 

You will work as part of the User Outreach and Engagement Section, reporting to the Team Lead on the Copernicus National Uptake and Thematic Collaborations. Contributing to the implementation of the CAMS NCPs you will be responsible for dialogues with country representatives and the technical management of actions in scope of the CAMS NCP. 

The CAMS NCP is a dedicated scheme to co-design support actions for EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom to stimulate and facilitate use of CAMS data and products at the country level, extracting the maximum benefit to meet the needs at the country level. With this initiative ECMWF supports national institutions to improve their uptake and use of CAMS products in support of air quality, pollen and dust monitoring and GHG emissions objectives.  

The programme is implemented through individual contracts with the public authorities in each of the 30 countries, bilateral discussions with individual national authorities, joint dialogues via the Atmosphere User Forum and assessments on transboundary issues. Training activities complement specific capacity building needs.  The NCP facilitates dialogues between the countries as well as at European levels on topics related to the implementation of European environmental policies. Additional info can be found at

Based on high-level requirements from the European Commission, CAMS is also implementing a new emission monitoring capacity, which will combine information from a new generation of satellites and in situ observations with detailed computer simulations of the atmosphere and biosphere to estimate anthropogenic emissions of CO2, CH4, and some of the main atmospheric pollutants. This combination of observations and modelling will provide the added value to what we already know in terms of emissions from human activities, monitoring emissions in much more detail, both in space and time. The European Commission as well as EU member states and Copernicus participating states will be the main users of this new service element of CAMS. It is therefore important to closely interact with them during the ramp-up of the new service.