Workshop on Hillslope dynamics and sediment budgets

Five invited speakers will present their work and discuss a relatively wide range of topics related to landslides – from risk assessment to the impacts of landslides on catchment sediment yields, including more methodological aspects of landslide detection and monitoring:

  • Veronica Tofani [University of Florence – UNESCO Chair on Prevention and sustainable management of GHH] – Landslide prediction and risk assessment at regional scale
  • Pascal Lacroix [Université Grenoble Alpes – IRD] – Landslide monitoring from space
  • Axel Deijns [Royal Museum for Central Africa – VUB] – Unraveling the influence of rainfall dynamics on geomorphic compound events in tropical East Africa
  • Duna Roda Boluda [Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam] – Using cosmogenic nuclides to quantify landslide activity on millennial timescales
  • Matthias Vanmaercke [KU Leuven] – The impacts of landsliding on catchment sediment yields at regional to global scales

This workshop takes place in the framework of STEREO project LACTOSE.