Distribution portal

The multi-mission CvB (Centrum voor Beeldverwerking) Product Distribution Portal gives users free access to several (mainly vegetation) data products:

  • PROBA-V :1 km products near real time, segments, 300 m and 100 m products older than 1 month
  • METOP-AVHRR S10 syntheses
  • ENVISAT-Meris S10 syntheses
  • APEX Archive (Airborne hyperspectral data)

Bio-geophysical parameters derived from SPOT-VEGETATION and other sensors are also produced and distributed within the Copernicus Global Land Service.

Via the online product distribution portal, users can:

  • consult the data via an interactive Geo Viewer or Time Series Viewer;
  • make their own composites with the N-daily Compositor;
  • request a Virtual Machine to create their own virtual research environment and work on the data with a powerful set of tools and libraries;
  • develop and debug test applications.

 Product distribution portal