External Educational Resources

Do you want to deepen your knowledge in Remote Sensing? Learn more about climate change? Are you looking for resources for the youngest ones? Below you'll find a selection of useful links, and you can browse our news items related to #education too!

Introduction to Remote Sensing courses and tutorials

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing  (Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation)
Eduspace (ESA)
Science Education through Earth Observation for High Schools (SEOS)
e-Learning tutorials on Earth Observation for use in high school

A Complete Guide to LiDAR: Light Detection and Ranging

A Short Course on Earth Observation Methods and Data and introduction to Sentinel Hub (Sentinel Hub)
Introduction to Remote Sensig (ENSG, France)
Learning materials for teachers on Earth observation from the ISS (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Lectures Remote Sensing Basics (Wageningen University)
Newcomers Earth Observation Guide (ESA)
Online EO for everyone: MOOCs, webinars and video tutorials (ESA)
Remote Sensing Core Curriculum (University of Minnesota)
Remote Sensing in Schools (University of Bonn)
Satellites in Global Development
SAR basic theory and practical exercises with SNAP (ESA)
What is Remote Sensing? (NASA EARTHDATA)


Advanced courses and applications

Advanced EO Training for PIs (ESA)
Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET - NASA)
Copernicus MOOC
EO College
EO Education and Training (ESA)
Learn EO! (ESA)

An ESA Earth observation project providing data, software and hands-on lessons to teach image processing and analysis for different application areas.

Monitoring Atmospheric Composition (EUMETSAT, ECMWF & Copernicus MOOC)
Monitoring the oceans from space (EUMETSAT & Copernicus MOOC)
RUS (Research and User Support for Sentinel Core Products) Training (Copernicus programme)


'Earth and Space' resources for children and young people

Climate kids (NASA)
ESA Kids
Eumetsat Learning zone
Inspiring resources for young people (Canadian Space Agency)
NASA Space Place
NOAA’s Data in the Classroom
Ocean Explainers (Copernicus Marine Service)
Resources for Teachers (USGS)
Teach with Earth (ESA)
WMO for Youth - Weater, climate, water


Additionnal resources (climate change, climate risks, sustainable development)

ESA's Climate change initiative
Global Climate Change (NASA)
UN CC: e-Learn - Think, Talk, Act Climate


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