Copernicus Sentinel 6A Ready for Testing

#Sentinel, #Copernicus, #Climate change, #Seas & Oceans

Published on 5 September 2019

Dedicated to measuring changes in global sea level, the Copernicus Sentinel-6A satellite is now equipped with some of its measuring instruments and ready to be tested in preparation for liftoff at the end of next year.

Engineers at Airbus in Friedrichshafen, Germany, have spent the last months fitting out the satellite with state-of-the-art sensors to measure the changing height of the sea surface.

And, since the Copernicus Sentinel-6 mission is a two-satellite constellation they have been working on both Sentinel-6A and  Sentinel-6B. The two identical satellites will be launched sequentially, starting with Copernicus Sentinel-6A in November 2020.