Drought is impacting traffic in the Panama Canal

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Published on 4 May 2023

Central America is currently suffering from a severe drought that also impacts the Panama Canal, one of the world's most important shipping routes, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

In recent weeks, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has reduced shipping traffic due to lower water supply from the artificial lakes that feed the canal. The image acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites on April 14th clearly shows the water deficit in Alajuela Lake, which feeds the eastern part of the canal. The Panama Canal Authority reported a decrease of more than 10% in water levels in Alajuela from March to April.

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The open data provided by the Copernicus Marine Service are useful for maritime traffic monitoring, helping to improve navigation safety and efficiency.


Drought is impacting traffic in the Panama Canal. (2023, April 4). Copernicus Image of the Day.