“Ocean Explorer” cruise ship aground in Greenland

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Published on 14 September 2023

On 11 September, the Norwegian Ocean Explorer cruise ship ran aground in a remote fjord of the Northeast Greenland National Park.

With 200 passengers on board, it is awaiting a rescue that will take several days since the nearest vessel capable of helping is approximately 2,000 km away. Local Authorities have confirmed that all passengers are safe and the ship remains intact. 

This image acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites on 12 September shows the Ocean Explorer stranded in the Aple Fjord, on the second day since its grounding.

Copernicus allows monitoring remote areas of the world, delivering important data for studying global phenomena such as climate change, natural disasters and natural resources.


“Ocean Explorer” cruise ship aground in Greenland | Copernicus. (September 14, 2023).