Posters "Fascinating world transects seen from space"

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This poster series was one of the first educative initiatives of the Belgian Science policy Office in the field of remote sensing. They were developed by the University of Liège and the University of Ghent in the framework of a Telsat 4 project. Through the choice of interesting thematic itineraries, the posters offered an appealing first contact with different types of satellite imagery and their possible applications.

A website called Themes interlinked the information provided by the educative posters by means of texts, photos, musics and links. A fact sheet is available in 4 languages for each poster.

Three posters were designed:

The Silk road : a transcontinental link over more than 7000 km since more than 2000 years

Straight across Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town

Deserts of the world

The objective was to capture people's attention and invite them to learn more about different types of satellite imagery, technology and information pictured. The posters 'Africa', 'Silk Roads' and 'Deserts of the World' were distributed in the country's secondary schools.