ECOSAR II - Biophysical characterisation of tropical ecosystems by space borne SAR remote sensing

Context and objectives

- producing operational versions of the laboratory developments (model and speckle filter) by incorporating validity range checks, restricting input to significant parameters, and providing it with a graphical user interface and full documentation;
- validating the thematic results obtained with the methods, developed based on historical data, with real-time reference measurements and outlining their range of validity;
- upgrading the conceptual water balance model to a physical model at the same time calibrating it with real time field observations;
- demonstrating the value of the methods developed at a scale representative for the TELSAT programme objectives through co-operation agreements established with the JRC on interpretation of large scale forest mapping exercises using ERS and JERS SAR data.

Location: Region:
  • ForĂȘt classĂ©e du Haut Sassandra

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