- Interferometry radar: MNT and geodesy. Three complementary approaches for the neotectonic study an the evaluation of seismic risks

Context and objectives

This study investigates the uses of radar interferometry in the aim of morpho- and seismo-tectonic analysis for natural hazards evaluation. Practical problems in relation with the integration of ERS1 and ERS2 SAR interferometric products in such neotectonics analysis are discussed and the potentiality given by this integration in comparison with other kinds of approaches is assessed.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

Interferomefric processing aspects:
The differential interferometry algorithm developed by the CSL applied on the Landers earthquake couple of frames has given very good results.

Geomorphological aspects:
Actually even after geometric correction and georeferencing of interferometric DEMs computed in a slant range reference system by the CSL these DEMs are neither geometrically accurate enough, nor continuous enough and still too noisy to allow their geomorphometrical exploitation. In spite of these disadvantages two cases of potential applications of SAR interferometric DEMs and differential interferograms have been described : the lineaments coplanarity analysis and the hydrographic network extraction.

Project leader(s): CSL - Centre Spatial de Liège
Belgian partner(s)
OZER André ULg - Laboratoire de Géomorphologie et Télédétection
Location: Region:
  • Italy,Jordan,United States