SABRES - Services to Agribusiness by Remote Sensing

Context and objectives

The SABRES project is developing and assessing practical methods of using very high-resolution satellite images (VHRSIs) combined with other spatial data within Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS). The very recent availability of 1 to 4 meter resolution images (IKONOS images available from February 2000 onwards) will revolutionise the use of satellite data for whole farm management and individual crop management, particularly precision farming. The SABRES project has been developing and testing prototype services that aim to deliver processed and interpreted information to farmers based on high-resolution satellite images.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

VHRSIs provide a new and promising source for collecting information in agriculture. New techniques and experience have been developed in this project including different aspects of VHRSI processing and deriving value-added information, FMIS development and the development of a prototype Internet interface for ordering image products.

Project leader(s): GIM (Geographic Information Management)
Location: Region:
  • Belgium,France,Germany,United Kingdom

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