ICEYE ESA archive collection now available to users

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Published on 7 October 2022

ICEYE ESA archive collection is now available worldwide through ESA’s Third Party Missions programme. The ESA archive collections consist of products requested by ESA-supported projects worldwide, and, therefore, the products are scattered and dispersed over the territory in different time windows. The datasets regularly grow as ESA continues to acquire new products.

Scan image of the Suez Canal (Egypt), acquired with an ICEYE SAR satellite. Credit: ICEYE.

Three modes are available for ICEYE Level 1 products:

  • Spot (up to 1 m ground resolution);
  • Strip and Scan, with two different processing levels:
    • Single Look Complex (SLC) - Level 1A;
    • Ground Range Detected (GRD) - Level 1B.

Find out more details on the on the dedicated collection page.

The products are available for download via the ESA Third Party Missions (TPM) dedicated dissemination service and catalogue after free registration. 

The utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's TPM Terms and Conditions.


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