New Pléiades coverage of Belgium available at the Airbus GeoStore

#Pléiades, #Belgium, #STEREO

Published on 8 January 2016

In the course of 2015, the Pléiades satellites have been collecting data over Belgium in full resolution (50 cm). These have now been put together into a near-complete coverage mosaic.

This mosaic, or any subsection of it, can be acquired through the Airbus GeoStore directly (at commercial prices), but Belgian institutional users can purchase the same data at vastly reduced cost by simply passing through the Belgian Pléiades Archive first. After your successful registration we will gladly help you find and purchase the data at the reduced prices.

The 2015 Pléiades mosaic over Belgium

We would also like to bring your attention to the full Belgian coverage in Pléiades data from 2013. This set was acquired in a coordinated effort by the Belgian Science Policy and the Flemish, Wallonian and Brussels regions, and has been made available free of charge for all institutional users. It can be downloaded from the Belgian Pléiades Archive directly.

Apart from this Belgian coverage, the archive also boasts a rising number of images outside of Belgium, that are available for download as well. So if you're interested in free data and you're eligible to become an authorised user, don't hesitate and register for the Belgian Pléiades Archive!