Postal Stamp Collection "Belgium in Space"

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#PROBA-V , #Belgium , #STEREO

Published on 19 March 2019

Our Belgian satellite PROBA-V now has its own postal stamp!

This stamp is part of a new collection developed by bpost in cooperation with the direction 'Space Research and Applications' of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), available since March 18th.

The series "Belgium in Space" contains five beautiful stamps showcasing some of Belgium's most important contributions to space: 

  • the hunt for exoplanets with the TRAPPIST telescope and the four SPECULOOS telescopes;
  • the exploration of the Mars atmosphere with the NOMAD instrument;
  • the continuous observation of the Earth's vegetation with PROBA-V;
  • the observation of solar activity with PROBA 2; and
  • the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) for resupply of the International Space Station, Georges Lemaître.

Itching to go and explore the stamps, and buy some for yourself? Then be sure to visit the bpost eShop.