Special SmartPop issue in "Dynamiques régionales"

#STEREO, #Urban

Published on 12 June 2019

New monitoring and anticipation tools for Walloon territorial development: contribution of the SmartPop project

The Iweps journal “Dynamiques régionales” offers researchers an opportunity to disseminate research results that focus on issues of interest to Wallonia.

This 8th issue is devoted to the study of the Walloon territory and more particularly to the development of new tools to better understand how it is being used and how the population is distributed, but also to better understand its evolution into the future.

Three working packages of the STEREO project SmartPop are summarized in as many articles:

  • Towards a new operational methodology for very high resolution mapping of land use and occupation in Wallonia;
  • Detailed mapping of population density: comparison of dasymetric methods;
  • Long-term simulation of urban development in support of spatial planning policy.

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