STEREO project PHYTOBEL published paper in Frontiers in Marine Science

#STEREO, #Seas & Oceans

Published on 23 December 2021

In june 2021, a dissemination and support project named PHYTOBEL (Applied optics in Belgian inland and coastal waters) was kicked off as the complementary project to STEREO projects PONDER and HYPERMAQ. The objective of PHYTOBEL was the scientific publication of the Belgian coastal and inland waters dataset and research conducted during the HYPERMAQ project. Two research topics were concerned:

  1. Retrieval of phytoplankton assemblage composition in the coastal lagoon the Spuikom (Oostende) from optics; and
  2. Detection of the harmful blooms of the nuisance alga Phaeocystis globosa in Belgian coastal waters.

This morning, the PHYTOBEL paper was published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, titled "Optical Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms in the Belgian Coastal Zone: A Cautionary Tale of Chlorophyll". You can check out the article here