Terrascope Releases its First EO Browser

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Published on 8 May 2018

Terrascope, ESA's Belgian Collaborative Ground Segment for the dissemination of Sentinel data, has just undergone a pretty impressive update. Three major changes:

1. EO browser

Firstly, a state-of-the-art Terraviewer, enabling you to easily browse and view our data, currently enabled for Sentinel-2. This version gives you the possibility to view & download Sentinel-2 data over Belgian territory.
This data is available from mid-2015 onwards. In the viewer you can choose 6 pre-defined layers, color, infrared, NDVI, FAPAR, LAI and FCOVER. Each one having specific characteristics and use.

2. Sentinel-1

Secondly, Sentinel 1 data can now be downloaded directly from the data portal, in both single look complex (SLC) as well as ground-range detected (GRD) format.
The data is available from 2018 onwards. As it concerns SAR – radar – imagery, the data can be used regardless of clouds being present at the time of recording.

Sentinel 1 data is very useful for forest cover inventory to map deforestation, but also for land cover monitoring and classification, flood monitoring and detecting soil drought. In the upcoming releases the Terraviewer will also include the Sentinel 1 data.

3. User Support

And last but not least, a User Support section is in place to help users with any technical questions. By using the Forum, interaction with other experienced users will help solve specific issues with the data and an expert will always be available to solve your questions.

The FAQ section already contains answers to get you started using the data and platform. Along the way the FAQ will further expand depending on the input received from our users.

Be sure to check out Terrascope and all it has to offer right now.