Pléiades 4 Belgium

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Pléiades is a constellation of very high resolution satellites built and operated by Astrium Defense and Space. Pléiades images boast excellent image quality and an impressive resolution of up to 50 cm.

Belgium participated in the costs of the impressive undertaking, and because of that, Belgian institutional users – from governments over research institutes to universities – can purchase the data at rock bottom prices. Even better: once a certain data set has been purchased by one user, all others can get the data free of charge.

To streamline all this, the Belgian Science Policy Office set up an online platform called “Belgian Pléiades Archive".  You can read up on what Pléiades offers, visualise the data, and apply to become an authorised user.

Once logged in you can download all of the images already in the Belgian archive free of charge and purchase new images or Airbus Defence & Space archive at a substantially lower cost than is standard.

Currently the platform boasts several hundred images from places all over the world, and the archive is constantly growing. A new version of the website, called "Pléiades4 Belgium” will be soon online.

Belgian Pléiades Archive