Quickbird 1

Satellite characteristics

Launch Date - End 974674800 -

Status Decommissioned

Orbit type polar sun-synchronous

Altitude 450

Orbit inclination 97.2

Equatorial crossing time 10:30:00

Orbit period 93.5

Satellite family: Digital Globe - MDA Constellation

DigitalGlobe is an American supplier of very high-resolution commercial satellite imagery. DigitalGlobe owns and operates a fleet of Earth imaging satellites including IKONOS, Quickbird, GeoEye-1 and WorldView 1,2,3 and the recently launched WorldView 4 capable of seeing objects as small as 30 cm.
On February 2017, DigitalGlobe has agreed to combine with MDA, the Canadian radar, telecommunications, and imagery corporation.

With IKONOS, a new era of 1m spatial resolution imagery began for spaceborne instruments in the field of civil Earth observation. IKONOS-2 was the world’s first commercial satellite to collect panchromatic images with 80 cm resolution and multispectral imagery with 3.2 meter resolution. It was decommissioned in March 2015 ending a 15 year mission life.

Sensor characteristics

Sensor name BGIS 2000 (Ball Global Imaging System 2000)
Sensor short description
Sensor type Imaging radiometer (Vis/IR)
Resolution class Submetric
Spatial resolution 0.61<br>2.44
Swath width (at nadir) 16 km
Revisit frequency 3 days
Max look angle 30 °