RadarSat 2

Satellite characteristics

Launch Date - End 1197500400 -

Status Operational

Orbit type near-polar, sun-synchronous

Altitude 798

Orbit inclination 98.6

Equatorial crossing time 06:00:00

Orbit period 100.7

Satellite family: RadarSat constellation

The first Canadian developed and commercially operated Earth observation satellite with the objective to monitor environmental change and the planet's natural resources in the microwave region.

The observational SAR data is useful to both commercial and scientific users in such fields as disaster management, interferometry, agriculture, cartography, hydrology, forestry, oceanography, ice studies and coastal monitoring.

Sensor characteristics

Sensor name SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Radarsat2
Sensor short description
Sensor type Imaging microwave radar
Resolution class High (5 - 30 m)
Swath width (at nadir) 50 km
Revisit frequency 24 days
Max look angle 50 °