Data Reprocessing Engineer

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Organisation: EUMETSAT

Within the Data Processing Systems and Applications Competence Area of the System Engineering and Projects (SEP) Division, the data reprocessing engineer(s) will provide engineering and technical support to the design, development, verification and validation of the different processing systems used for climate activities as well as the systems used to reprocess data to align archives with the evolved baseline of the operational processors.  

The Re-processing Team is composed of very competent and talented people that are dealing with the latest technologies (current and future state of the art) applicable for cloud/bulk data re-processing systems. The team needs to face and resolve very challenging projects where thinking out of the box is essential and bringing innovative ideas is mandatory. The re-processing engineer will have the opportunity to work in an environment led by innovation and excellence. Joining EUMETSAT in this role gives an unpaired opportunity to develop a professional career in an extremely motivating team.


  • Contribute to the definition and management/maintenance of the requirements for climate processing and reprocessing systems, taking into account the evolving needs of the users;
  • Lead the engineering activities, including industrial procurements, and follow up the activities leading to the implementation and evolution of these systems;
  • Define, execute and follow up the Verification & Validation (V&V) testing of new reprocessing systems, or their evolutions;
  • Contribute to the definition of transition plans from development into operations;
  • Support the coordination of activities and priorities for climate processing baselines and for operational data reprocessing;
  • Support routine operations and associated maintenance and evolution activities including management of maintenance contracts and support to anomaly investigation;
  • Support the competence area manager (CAM) in defining long term plans and roadmaps to harmonise the engineering, maintenance and evolutions of data processing systems across all EUMETSAT satellite systems.