Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum

Registration is now open for ESA’s first-ever Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum. Taking place at ESA Headquarters in Paris from 30 to 31 October 2023, investors, institutions, entrepreneurs and companies of any size from the Earth observation sector will now be able to come together and discuss the commercial potential and challenges of Earth observation, together with the technical, industrial and risk-capital support available to European companies.

Advancing commercial space in Europe is a vital component of ESA Agenda 2025 and the Earth observation sector has an abundance of possibilities that private businesses can capitalise on, from satellites and ground infrastructure through to applications that solve real-world problems with data from space.

ESA’s Earth Observation Programme Directorate is organising the first Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum to bring leading stakeholders of the fast-growing Earth observation commercial space sector under the same roof.

The event aims to provide a forum for discussion for stakeholders active in Earth observation commercialisation in Europe and beyond, along with exploring the latest trends and strategies in its   commercial market, including technology and industrial aspects. The gathering will also inform attendees of ESA’s and the EU’s plans in Earth observation commercialisation and will collect feedback from the community.

In seeking to foster collaboration and partnership in the field of Earth observation commercialisation, the event will give participants the possibility to connect with institutions, industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, and to explore potential business and investment opportunities.

All elements of the Earth observation value chain will be addressed, with a focus on the business and financing aspects, and consideration of the industrial and technical perspective of the New Space approach such as, launchers, innovative sensors, Value Added Services markets, as well as the digital revolution in Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the market trends, key drivers and challenges that the industry is facing, along with government policies, funding opportunities and commercialisation strategies through keynote speeches, panels and networking opportunities.

Further details on Earth Observation Commercialisation Forum can be found on the event website, and you can register your attendance here.