Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in EarthCARE products, algorithms and Cal/Val

EarthCARE, ESA’s cloud, aerosol and radiation mission, is the next ESA Earth Explorer research mission to be launched under the Earth Observation programme, and is developed in a joint venture with JAXA. With its cutting-edge High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Doppler Radar as well as a multispectral imager and a broadband radiometer, it is the most complex Earth Explorer mission to date, with highly branched data processing chains designed to best exploit the synergies among the different instruments. Following the Open Science approach, the aim is to develop algorithm and Cal/Val methodologies (including the Cal/Val reference data set) in a collaborative environment based on modern, innovative technologies.

ESA is looking for a Research Fellow to join their team in charge of sensor performance, data quality, algorithm development, calibration and validation for ESA EO missions.

As part of the ESA EarthCARE team in ESRIN, contributing to Cal/Val, payload algorithm and science activities, you will be involved in the following:

  • Exploring novel calibration algorithms, products, and tools to maximise the impact of the EarthCARE mission;
  • Studying novel approaches and developments related to the calibration and validation of the mission products in interaction with the relevant Cal/Val, science and campaign communities;
  • Conducting dedicated research on the potential evolution of the mission-processing algorithms and tools and their impact on the scientific return;
  • Exploring potential synergies between EarthCARE and other missions, and related developments and activities regarding product quality;
  • Contributing to the definition and evolution of a collaborative framework for facilitating the development of the algorithms and the Cal/Val, following the Open Science approach.