Professor of Arctic Climate Evolution

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) seeks applicants with a strong research profile in past climate changes, specifically in the Quaternary, to strengthen and develop our knowledge of long-term impacts of climate change with a focus on the Arctic to fill a new full professor position.

You are expected to contribute to GEUS’ overall strategy by strengthening and further developing our knowledge of processes related to climate and environmental changes in the Arctic, including, for example, interactions with cryosphere, freshwater fluxes, sediment transport, ocean circulation or ecosystems. GEUS has many ongoing activities using sediment cores to extract paleoclimate information as well as field activities in Greenland and surrounding areas to collect new data.

As professor, you are expected to take active part in further developing fieldwork campaigns, data collection and data analysis. Furthermore, you are expected to promote our ideas, competences, and concepts to the surrounding world, to deliver research output at a high international level, and to successfully obtain funding for and lead larger research projects. Moreover, the position aims at strengthening and profiling our research, public sector consultancy and advisory activities.

The position is in the Department of Glaciology and Climate, which is located at GEUS’ main office in Copenhagen.

Job description

The candidate is expected to contribute to the further development of the high-level research in the Department of Glaciology and Climate, which closely cooperates with the other departments in GEUS as well as with Danish and international universities and research institutions. Fieldwork in Greenland and the surrounding Arctic will likely be a key activity for the research group. Moreover, development and application of new, innovative methods and laboratory analysis resulting from the research is expected to continuously contribute to advancement of the research field, and the professor is expected to play a central role in this context.

Candidates for professorships at GEUS must have a strong research profile in the field and have a strong publication track record in international research journals with high impact in the research field. Moreover, candidates are expected to have played and have the ambition to play a key role in advancing the research field, for example by taking part in organisation of international conferences and by editing relevant journals and/or book series.

Research activities are to a large extent dependent on external funding. GEUS has a strong tradition for attracting research funding from e.g. Danish research councils, the European Commission, private foundations and authorities. GEUS also leads and acts as partner in internationally funded research projects such as EU Horizon projects. Professors at GEUS should have a strong track record of research funding and play a leading role in research funding application and project management.

Professors at GEUS are expected to set the direction for GEUS’ research within their field of expertise and related fields to develop and advance research and make new ideas thrive in an open and welcoming research environment. Furthermore, professors at GEUS play an active role in career planning for early career scientific staff and take responsibility for the education of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. They are also expected to have a collaborative spirit and actively engage with other professors, project managers and staff to contribute to a dynamic research environment. Moreover, professors may become members of GEUS’ research committee and act as sparring partners for management decisions on strategic planning and hiring plans for scientific staff.

GEUS is an independent research institution under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. GEUS provides research-based public sector consultancy for Danish governmental institutions and research-based advice to private companies. Professors are expected to either take part in such public sector consultancy and advice or to act as sparring partners for colleagues and management in such matters.