Terrascope webinar: Access and use of Sentinel-3 data products



Organisation: Terrascope

The  SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V satellite missions collected vegetation related information from 1998 to 2020. To continue this long-term data series, we now turn to Sentinel-3. The Sentinel-3 SYN VGT products are designed to provide surface vegetation products, similar to those obtained from the VEGETATION (VGT) instrument onboard the SPOT satellites. Terrascope also provides Sentinel-3 Land Surface Temperature products, derived from the SLSTR instrument. Behind the scenes, we are working on daily and multi-daily composite products. 

During this webinar Carolien Toté will explain more about:

  • The Sentinel-3 SYN VGT products and how they are generated
  • The consistency between SYN VGT and the SPOT-VGT / PROBA-V archives? What are possible sources of inconsistencies
  • The Sentinel-3 Land Surface Temperature products
  • Which data is easily available via Terrascope
  • How to access and use the products