ESA selects Harmony as tenth Earth Explorer mission

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Publié le 22 septembre 2022

Following  preparatory activities and a stringent process ESA Member States today formally selected Harmony for implementation as the tenth Earth Explorer mission within the FutureEO programme. This unique satellite mission concept is, therefore, now set to become a reality to provide a wealth of new information about our oceans, ice, earthquakes and volcanoes – which will make significant contributions to climate research and risk monitoring.

Pivotal to ESA’s FutureEO programme, Earth Explorers are pioneering research missions that show how novel observing techniques lead to new scientific findings about our home planet. Advancing science and technology, they address questions that have a direct bearing on climate change and societal issues such as the availability of food, water, energy, resources and public health.

Earth is a highly dynamic system where the transport and exchanges of energy and matter are regulated by a multitude of processes and feedback mechanisms. Untangling these complex processes to better understand how Earth works as a system is a major challenge.

Thanks to Harmony, the picture is set to become a whole lot clearer.

By advancing science, Harmony will, in turn, also help address societal issues such as those laid out in the World Climate Research Programme’s Grand Challenges and a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This exciting new mission will comprise two identical satellites orbiting Earth in convoy with a Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite. Each Harmony satellite will carry a receive-only synthetic aperture radar and a multiview thermal-infrared instrument.

Together with observations from Sentinel-1, Harmony will deliver a wide range of unique high-resolution observations of motion occurring at or near Earth’s surface.

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