France gripped by a severe drought

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Publié le 6 mars 2023

France is currently facing a severe drought, with the south-eastern region experiencing the driest February since 1959. The Lac de Montbel reservoir, which feeds the important Canal du Midi and whose waters are used to irrigate crops in the adjacent agricultural areas, is currently at less than 30% of its capacity. Agriculture and tourism in the region are therefore at risk, with the local authorities warning of tensions in the drinking water supply network. 

This image, captured on 1 March 2023 by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites, shows the Lac de Montbel, with yellow sandbanks visible in place of the water that once filled it.
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Open data retrieved by the Copernicus Sentinel satellites provide key information useful to accurately map water bodies and extract critical information during periods of drought.


France gripped by a severe drought. (2023, March 3). Copernicus Image of the Day.