Hurricane Iota - another record-breaking storm

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Publié le 26 novembre 2020

In mid-November 2020 Hurricane Iota became the 30th named storm of the North Atlantic Hurricane season

This was the second major hurricane to form in November 2020, following Storm Eta, and the first time two major hurricanes have formed in November. The storm has formed over relatively warm waters (29 degrees) which enabled the storm's development as it moves west.

Metop AVHRR image with Sea Surface Temperature overlay

Of the named storms in 2020, 13 have been hurricanes, and six have been major hurricanes. This season is only the second season to use the Greek letter names for storms, the first being 2005 with 27 named storms, plus a storm that was later categorised after the season. 2005 was also the most intense hurricane year with 15 hurricanes and seven major hurricanes.

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