"Our Natural Capital": white paper is out!

#Changements climatiques, #Ecologie

Publié le 2 mai 2023

Natural ecosystems provide human societies with a myriad of essential goods and services. Hence, that natural capital is a cornerstone for human well-being. Unfortunately, natural capital is also threatened in multiple ways, particularly by unsustainable human behavior.

During the international Francqui chair of Prof. David Ellsworth, scientists of 7 Belgian universities developed a vision for a research agenda on Natural Capital for the coming decade. This vision was synthesized in a white paper.

Our Natural Capital: research needs and priorities for the future

This white paper is the result of the scientific program of the International Francqui Chair of Prof. David Ellsworth.

Based on sound academic work, the Natural Platform embraces a mission of contributing to the safeguarding and/or restoration of natural capital, at the service of contemporary and future generations of people. The platform unites 20 professors and over 100 researchers to

  • Raise awareness to various stakeholders about the role and importance of natural capital
  • Perform high-quality interdisciplinary research, in close collaboration with actors in the field
  • Act as an independent think tank and communicate the messages we consider highly relevant  
  • Take up the role as facilitator for connecting and mobilizing stakeholders

 In their research on natural capital, the researchers distinguish four major issues:

  • mapping
  • understanding
  • managing
  • valuing

Download the white paper "Our Natural Capital"