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Publié le 27 avril 2021

Launched on 22 April on the occasion of Earth Day 2021, the Teach with Earth educational webpage provides a variety of inspirational resources for educators to Teach with Earth and engage students in STEM subjects using our fascinating planet as the learning context.

Teaching with Earth promotes an interdisciplinary approach. Among many subjects, Earth and environmental science, Earth observation, and satellite technology requires a variety of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills and background knowledge.

On Teach with Earth teachers will find a rich collection of ESA curricular classroom resources to engage primary and secondary students in STEM subjects which also help them learn about our planet, its complexities and the consequences of a rapidly changing world.

The resources include a selection of animations and videos that cover different topics from Earth’s atmosphere to oceans, as well as some of the global issues that our planet is facing and how we can study them using satellites. Teachers will also find useful background information about current and future ESA missions that aim to improve the understanding of our planet.

For the younger pupils, Teach with Space provides access to a special set of Earth activities on the ESA kids website. Children can join Paxi, the ESA Education mascot, on adventures around Earth and discover why we have day and night, investigate our most precious resource, water, and learn about the greenhouse effect and how it makes life on Earth possible.

In a nutshell, the Teach with Earth collection includes:

  • Earth for kids, with Paxi
  • Classroom resources for school teachers
  • Inspiring multimedia resources and tools to explore our planet for all.

This page will be frequently updated, so stay tuned for new resources!

Teach with Earth

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