STEREO III Project management - image requirements

Below is a list of requirements regarding the illustrations used in the final report (the term "illustrations" refers to all graphs, maps, photographs, satellite imagery and derivative imagery). Keep in mind that the illustrations might end up being used in STEREO's external communication (newsletter, website, publications, ...).

  1. Please provide at least 3 photographs taken in the framework of the project: photographs taken during fieldwork, of the instruments used, the team, the lab, etc;
  2. minimum width:
    • graphs and maps: 1024 px (and preferably a multitude of that);
    • satellite images and photographs: 4096 px;
  3. please provide all illustrations with a written description in English, in text, below the illustration (not in the image itself);
  4. maps are required to have a scale, a compass and a legend in English, with metric units, and an inset showing the location of the map if needed.