EMSOR - Automatic extraction of man-made structures from VHRS optical and radar data for change detection

Context and objectives

The general objective of the EMSOR project is to foresee the performance of the future Pleiades/Cosmo-Skymed constellation with respect to the extraction of man-made structures. To this end, the techniques developed during the project lifetime will be applied to images that offer similar resolution and bands.
More in detail, the following specific fields have been envisaged:

  • man-made structure detection (from SAR and optical data and at different level of refinement),
  • security applications (for rapid mapping and damage assessment),
  • routine cartography.

    As a final result, tools (software) should be provided enabling the exploitation of the VHR optical and SAR data for man-made structures detection and monitoring in time. The improvement provided by the fusion of the detected features with respect to such applications should be then assessed. Finally, expected practical outputs are maps with extracted cartographic features and/or risk-damage area maps.

  • Project outcome

    Expected scientific results