- Contribution of remote sensing techniques to monitoring and supporting of a durable control of animal trypanosomosis in Togo

Context and objectives

The task of the TELSAT4 project is to contribute, through means of data obtained from remote sensing, to prepare a rational programme for the integrated control of animal trypanosomosis. Satellite images offer a feasible opportunity in supporting the monitoring of impacts on the land use by suppression actions and enable the maintenance of an ‘early warning system’ to prevent the carrying capacity of the land being exceeded. The TELSAT project forms the base for a future extension of the methodology to the entire West African region based on images from the SPOT VEGETATION satellite, launched in 1998.
The project consequently deals with following topics:
- Preparation of a recent nation wide land cover map of Togo (RESURS01).
- Change detection of land cover and land use based on a time series (10 years) of TM images.
- Preparation of a fragility index for three priority areas in the north of Togo, concerning the integration of agriculture and stock breeding, based on parameters derived from satellite images and field measurements.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

- Digital Elevation model for the north of Togo,
- Digital soil map for the Region Kara,
- Database of available information Region Savanes, L'Oti and Kara,
- Recent land cover map for the whole country of Togo with corresponding database of photographs,
- Land cover maps for the test sites,
- Map indicating seasonal and long term change in the region, effect of control practices on changes in land cover.
- Map of ranked application units according to their fragility. Those application units that are high ranked have environmental conditions which allow further cattle breeding and have still the potential of raising the animal production when care is taken to integrate the present agricultural practices with stock breeding. Those application units that are low ranked are areas where degradation has set in and forms the limiting factor for animal production.
- Flexible monitoring system for the determination of priority areas for control measures, based on fuzzy set theory. This system is not time or space specific, works for all kinds of environmental problems and allows alteration of the decisive parameters and their degree of influence when changes in the environment occur.

Project leader(s): UGent - Remote Sensing / Spatial Analysis lab (REMOSA)
Location: Region:
  • Togo

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