HYPERTEACH - Development of didactical material on Imaging spectroscopy

Context and objectives

Imaging Spectroscopy is an advanced remote sensing technique which gains importance, not only in an international context, but also in Belgium. With the construction of the Airborne Prism EXperiment, a Swiss-Belgian imaging spectrometer under development under the authority of European Space Agency ESA and financed by the Swiss-Belgian PRODEX programme, Belgium expressed its interest in this advanced technique.
With this HyperTeach project we aim at an Imaging Spectroscopy course with emphasis on hands-on applications in order to support and to extend the Belgian Imaging Spectroscopy User Group and to improve the data quality and exchangeability of data. The HyperTeach project consortium is composed of (i) the Research Unit Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Processes (VITO), (ii) the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Science (RBINS-KBIN-IRSNB), (iii) the Royal Museum for Central Africa (KMMA-MRAC) and (iv) de Spatial Applications Division Group (K.U.Leuven). The objective of HyperTeach is the development of textbooks (theory and hands-on) and to organize a test training course to theoretically and practically introduce early-stage researchers and policy-makers to this innovative remote sensing technique. The global project is divided into 5 work packages:
Work Package 1 (OA/OO/017) includes a comparison of data correction and analysis techniques, work package 2 and 3 (OA/OO/017 and SR/XX/806) contains the writing of the course, work package 4 (SR/XX/806) the production of the course (textbook, DVD, website) and work package 5 (SR/XX/806) the organization of a test training course.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The HyperTeach results are two textbooks (Theory and Hands-on), DVD, website (http://hyperteach.vgt.vito.be) and CD containing the HyperTeach teachers’ presentations. The DVD contains the textbook with theory, hands-on data and textbook with hands-on exercises. From 26-30 September 2005 the first HyperTeach training course was organized at the premises of VITO, KMMA-MRAC and K.U.Leuven. The number of participants (after selection) was about 35. The participants were requested to complete a HyperTeach training course evaluation form. In the future, the HyperTeach training course can be instructed as preparation of the Imaging Spectroscopy campaigns and support to the User Community with regard to image processing and analysis.
The expected results on the long term are:

  • expansion of the User Community of Imaging Spectroscopy data and the imaging sensor APEX in particular
  • harmonization of Imaging Spectroscopy data what will improve the exchangeability of data between the diverse disciplines using Imaging Spectroscopy data and the data quality what will result in a better support of the policy-makers as end user of Imaging Spectroscopy data.