- Lithologic and mineral identification

Context and objectives

To study lithogies and mineralisation in various environments

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

A methodology has been developed for the recognition of lithologies and mineralisation in a variety of climatic zones and geologic environments, based on presently available satellite-born sensors.
The application of this methodology results in thematic images displaying geological information, most time devoid of disturbances due to atmosphere, vegetation and/or anthropic effects.

Beside these final targets, subsidiary programs have been developed, comprising :

- the creation of a data base of spectral information (with ancillary cristallo-chemical information);
- the evaluation of internal and external factors on the spectral properties;
- the correction of general and local atmospheric disturbances;
- the calibration in reflectance of satellite data;
- a deconvolution algorithm for spectral data.

Project leader(s):
Location: Region:
  • Burundi,Libya,Morocco,Niger,Rwanda,Zaire