- Modelling of satellite information for regional management planning

Context and objectives

Within the frame of the TELED and TELSAT programmes, previous researches focused on the use of medium resolution satellite imagery. The results were mainly expressed in terms of land use maps and their modelling. Those researches maintained a balance between the theoretical or technical aspects and the applications developments.

Based on the previous experiences, this research phase is aiming at three targets. The first one looks at the regional dimension, the urban agglomerations being considered as primordial parts of these regions. The second one focuses on the extraction of statistical data, and in particular for some particular areas (urban cores, ecological interest zones, etc.). The third goal is to study the development and diversification of the regional and urban models applied to remotely sensed data implemented by GIS data. Beside the theoretical aspects, a special emphasis is put on the applicability of the researches and of the output prototypes.

The systematic use of different types of image resolutions allowed the apprehension of the same phenomena at different but complementary scales.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

- It is now possible to restitute plausibly the structure of urban networks, to identify and organise the urban nodes and main roads into a hierarchy, to describe town limits and determine polarised areas. It is also possible to extract automatically main urban roads.
- A local correlation method for surfaces was defined and put into practice with success. I was possible to segment the urban- industrial and rural-forestry spaces in eco-landscape areas. The realised maps are original and mark a new step in the design and realisation of geographical outlines.
- Accessibility patterns to urban areas and the country could be generated. Some of these patterns were used to study international tourism in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.
- A model for the evolution of soil occupation based on multi-temporal processing of satellite data and demographic projections and cadastral data was successfully tested in Huy.

Project leader(s): ULg - Unité de Géomatique
Location: Region:
  • Belgium,Germany,Netherlands