- TREES-program: "Tropical forest experiment for seasonality modelling of the tropical forest"

Context and objectives

The overall objective is the study of the relationship between the foliar biomass seasonality and times series images. It is therefore, necessary to collect ground data of foliage biomass changes and analyse simultaneous NOAA-AVHRR times series by focusing our interpretation on seasonal aspect of the foliage.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The causal relationship between the foliar variation and the satellite reflectance is not clearly established yet, but it is clear that a phenomena modify the reflectance at the end of February for both SPOT and NOAA satellites. This phenomena is synchronised with the minimum LAI measured during the field campaign and would tend to correlate reflectance with LAI, but it is without knowing the composition of the atmosphere at that moment neither the evolution of the leaf spectral properties and the leaf orientation angle.

Project leader(s): UCL - Environmental Sciences
Location: Region:
  • République centrafricaine