- Tropical forest monitoring and management

Context and objectives

- to assess the reliability of the visual interpretation technique;
- to develop and test techniques for georeferencing;
- to elaborate and test field validation techniques;
- to compare visual and digital interpretation techniques;
- to develop a standard methodology to assess the accuracy of visual interpretation;
- to investigate a strategy to establish a georeferenced field information database.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

- the maximum variability between the visual interpretation techniques was 27%;
- a georeferencing procedure was established;
- visual interpretation was assessed using an interdependent strategy;
- the change rates for the Gross and Net Deforestation of the visual interpretation surpasses the results of the digital approach, but all Degradation rates were similar for the visual and digital interpretation techniques;
- a field information database can be georeferenced when positional information is entered in the field point.

Location: Region:
  • Democratic Republic of Congo