- Use of remotely satellite data for the decennial updating of the statistical sector division of Belgium

Context and objectives

The Belgian National Institute of Statistics (NIS) has decided to adjust its basic census districts or statistical sectors for the 2001 census of population and housing. Indeed, many statistical sectors and agglomerations boundaries do not fit anymore because of urban growth and rural settlement development. The last updating took place with the 1981 census. It was a long and lasting job performed by traditional way based on aerial photo interpretation. The NIS wants to take advantage of new technologies to accelerate the process and make it more objective. NIS has decided to use a methodology developed by Laboratoire SURFACES and using an image processing system with SPOT satellite images and GIS software.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The main products and results delivered by the laboratory SURFACES are:

- a digital cartography with built areas appeared in dispersed settlements sectors;

- a selection of relevant orthophotoplans;

- a digital cartography with a trial of urban agglomeration boundaries determined according to 200 meters EUROSTAT criteria;

- a trained staff.
These deliverables help the NIS to finalise the statistical area partition, to determine its content in terms of street sections and buildings for the 2001 census.

Project leader(s): ULg - Unité de Géomatique
Location: Region:
  • Belgique

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