Conference on Space as a New Industrial Zone: "Health from Space"



Organisation: Cannes, CNES, Eurobiomed, ESA, SAFE

Bringing together actors from all life, health and space communities to accellerate innovations in the health and new materials sector.


High level participation of institutions and companies CEOs as well as worldwide experts.

The potential of research, development and manufacturing in space is considerable and will revolutionize traditional Earth-bound development and processing methods. The resulting number of applications is expected to increase dramatically, with pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical and biotechnology industries being major participants in the frame of the commercialization of space. The new space infrastructures planned to be launched from all over the world (space stations, automated laboratories and factories, and more) will provide exceptional opportunities to conduct experiments and production in a disruptive microgravity environment that meets principal standards and might revolutionize the life sciences and health sectors.