Earth Observation Excellence Award - call for applications

In a little over a month, the window of opportunity for nominating deserving scientists for the prestigious ESA-EGU Earth Observation Excellence Award will close. With the period for lodging nominations closing on 7 December, past nominators and winners reflect on how this award has increased the visibility of their scientific research and opened new avenues to working partnerships.

Over recent years, Earth observation has been going through a significant transformation. A combination of new, complementary Earth observation instrument capabilities, together with artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data technologies, has opened a wealth of opportunities for science and applications.

Scientists and experts from around the world have combined these technologies, creating a source of timely and relevant information to mitigate environmental risks, build a better-informed society, strengthen climate resilience and address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The joint ESA–EGU Earth Observation Excellence Award recognises and honours individual scientists and teams that have contributed to the innovative use of Earth observation, with a focus on the use of European datasets in the field of science and applications.

The 2023 award will be announced and presented at next year’s EGU General Assembly in Vienna, following an independent evaluation of nominations led by the European Space Sciences Committee of the European Science Foundation.