ESA Academy’s Space Systems Engineering Training Course 2023

To help prepare the next generation of Space Systems Engineers, the ESA Education Office is looking for 30 highly motivated and enthusiastic university students to participate in the Space Systems Engineering Training Course 2023, to be held from 31st January – 3rd February 2023 in the ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility (TLF) at ESA’s ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium.

Space Systems Engineering is a crucial discipline within the space sector, and a keen understanding of what it is and how it is applied is critical in defining the success of any space mission – from a student-built CubeSat to a commercial communications satellite. Space System Engineers follow, and often lead, the space projects from conception to delivery, working with other disciplines to define user needs, define requirements, and shape the final design before supporting the project through the assembly, integration, and testing phase into operation. Space System Engineers at ESA and in industry are present at all stages of a space system's life cycle. They perform vital functions, ensuring what is delivered is what is required and, critically, handling the interface between many other project disciplines, including project management.

During the four days, participating students will learn about the background and challenges of Space Systems Engineering before delving into the roles of a Systems Engineer within ESA and exploring the System Engineering process in detail. The course will also give students valuable insight into the Concurrent Design and systems approach to Verification and Validation as well as the interactions with project management, including project planning and risk management. The course will also include several group exercises, aiming to familiarise participants with system engineering products and some real-world problems faced by space system engineers.

This third edition of this training course builds on the successful previous editions developed and delivered by the ESA Education Office in collaboration with ESA staff members who are currently working as Systems Engineers- on an array of high-profile ESA missions.

The deadline for applications is 5 December 2022.